You have to add the app to INSTALLED_APPS and also include some URLs in your urlconf:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^accounts/', include('signup.urls')),


These are the settings specific to django-signup.


This controls for how many days an instance of signup.models.Validation will be valid before being considered “expired”. It is used on the clear_expired_signups management command.

If not set in the user settings, the default value is 2 days.


A string with the full dotted name of a class representing the form to be used on the signup page.

If not specified, the signup.forms.DefaultUserCreationForm class is used.


A boolean indicating whether signup is allowed. If True, nothing special happens. If False, all requests to the account creation page will be redirected to a template saying that registration is closed.

New in version 0.5.

This can also be a dotted path to a callable that takes no arguments and returns a boolean indicating whether signup is allowed or not.


New in version 0.6.

There are two signals defined in the signup.signals module: user_signed_up and user_activated. The first is sent right after the user object has been created. The second is sent after the user has hit his activation URL and the corresponding Validation object has been deleted.

Both signals are sent with two arguments: user, the user object, and request, the view request object.